10 February 2022



A bag has the power to complement an outfit, liberate mindsets, define an era and carry your own world within it. It's no wonder, then, that over time, several brands have designed legendary models, in a variety of materials, with disparate formats and features.

With so many specificities, it is impossible not to imagine what each bag can tell us about the personality of those who use them.

In this article, we will look in detail at how five types of bags manage to expose a little about your way of being and being. Are you curious? Confirm if you identify with any of them and leave us your feedback!


Shopper style promises unpredictability and challenge. If you don't know what the day might bring, this bag will prepare you for anything, as there's plenty of room to put all your essentials.

It's the perfect accessory for when you go on holiday, when you travel on business or when you're out completing tasks in the tight hours of everyday life.

It also prints a certain degree of environmental awareness as you won't have to use plastic every time you unexpectedly buy something in a department store.



Shopper style bag with medium double strap and reversible central zip.

129.95 EUR   103.96 EUR

Accessories with history: Neverfull, Louis Vuitton

The name doesn't lie. The Louis Vuitton model is famous for its versatility and generous volume. On a day-to-day basis, we carry a piece of our lives in a bag and the Neverfull embraces this concept 100% by storing everything we need in any eventuality, whether it's for travelling or walking around town. Launched in 2007 as a beach bag, it quickly became an iconic accessory and, in fact, we can no longer do without it.


It is an elegant accessory and definitely a statement piece. As it limits the number of items you can carry, the wearer should be organised and minimalist.

Although it forces you to keep one hand occupied at all times - limiting freedom of movement in certain circumstances - some offer the possibility of attaching a removable strap.

You can wear a clutch with a casual look - jeans and a frill T-shirt or top - or you can opt for a bolder shirt and a pair of more eye-catching earrings.


Textured clutch bag with zip fastening and removable flap.

89.95 EUR   71.96 EUR


Clutch with magnetic flap closure and removable shoulder strap in gold chain.

143.90 EUR   71.95 EUR

An iconic future: Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag

It seems longer ago than that, but it was in 2019 that Daniel Lee made his debut as Bottega Veneta's creative director at Milan Fashion Week. His distinctive aesthetic was instantly felt and welcomed by editors, celebrities and influencers. In this piece, Lee reinterprets the intricate cushioned concept of the motherhouse and although those produced with synthetic materials are widely sought after, it is the leather ones that play the lead role.


Do you want to feel stylish, confident and professional? If yes, then this bag is for you. It has a timeless and refined look and is a safe investment, because it will never go out of fashion. We could say this about all bags, but every woman should have at least one tote in her wardrobe. Being probably the most versatile of all, you can use it in your daily family life, on a day at work, on a walk by the beach or travelling.

When choosing yours, opt for resistant materials and high quality production.

Because we don't want the search for the perfect bag to become an almost impossible decision, we leave you with two DO.NO.MA suggestions.



Rectangular tote bag with hand strap and long strap, details on zips and removable flap.

139.95 EUR   111.96 EUR

Fashion, Art and Performance: Birkin Bag, Hermès

Jane Birkin is an English actress who lived in France for most of her career. Alongside musician and composer Serge Gainsbourg, she became an icon of the 60s and 70s in the world of Music and Cinema. Jane was also a model and had a special passion for Fashion. Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, chief executive of Hermès, met by chance on a flight in 1981. By placing her suitcase in the baggage compartment, Birkin allowed its contents to spill out onto the floor. Frustrated, she complained about the lack of usefulness of the most elegant bags. Immediately, Dumas' creative mind went to work...


Bold and iconic. It reflects a lifestyle and personal taste. It is spacious and can be easily carried by hand or shoulder by applying the optional strap.

There is something about its design and feel when carrying it that is just amazing.

It is much desired for its versatility and simple lines. The most important aspect to note is the beauty in the simplicity of its design. Many bags have additions that distract from its original lines and style, but the A-line bag does not have that need.

At DO.NO.MA, you can find the trapeze bag available in two colours: black and red. Check out, below, our suggestions.



Trapeze bag with zip, hand strap and large handle, central zip detailing and interior pocket.

159.95 EUR   127.96 EUR

Beyond aesthetics: Céline Trapeze

Unlike the Céline Tote Bag, the Céline Trapeze has a minimalist and elegant style, without any bold details. Introduced in 2010 by Phoebe Philo, it immediately became a hit with celebrities worldwide. The model exudes feminine sophistication with a top handle, wide handles on the sides and a front flap. The metallic details and ergonomic interior give it a touch of exclusivity. Although it has been discontinued, its popularity precedes it having made it a highly desired piece by collectors.


Who says bags should be square or rectangular? Get ready to refresh your style with an interesting and sophisticated design.

From neutral colours to bold styles, there's a round bag for almost every taste and way of being.

They are so delicate, modern and versatile that they match any style. They are easy to carry and their unexpected yet elegant shape makes them perfect for any occasion, from an outing with friends to a more formal event.



Round bag with metal hand strap, large leather strap, clasp and snakeskin texture.

139.95 EUR 111.96 EUR

You spin me round: Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag

The Drew Shoulder Bag was part of the French brand's Autumn-Winter collection in 2014, but quickly became a success. It owes its fame to its distinctive shape and versatility. It is an exquisite piece, with curved lines that simulate the silhouette of a cell, incorporating metal details inspired by polished jewellery. The bag is available in a wide range of shades, from classic black and brown, softer tones, to sharper colour combinations. The most popular sizes are nano, mini and medium.

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