02 February 2022



At DO.NO.MA, we work daily to bring together those who, like us, have a single passion: fashion. In each collection, we strive to give shape, not to the trends that are, in each season, widely announced, but to the deepest desires of our customers.

At DO.NO.MA, we want to innovate. Transforming each piece into a priceless and noble masterpiece. We don't want you to wear DO.NO.MA, we want you to be DO.NO.MA.

BLAME IT ON FASHION, is our latest project, part of a digital presence strategy thinking of you. Between us, we have the clear idea that it is urgent to make ourselves known in a full and dedicated way, meeting the needs of those who, like us, have a tireless thirst for what is aesthetically challenging.

In this blog of ours, we will draw on five broad categories - Style, Home, Beauty, Living and Arts - to express ourselves beyond fashion design and let you know what inspires and moves us. Along the way, we are hoping to build a dialogue of mutual exchange of ideas, enlightenment and, no doubt, selfless friendship.

Shall we meet?

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